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The 3rd Exotic Flower Cup Technology Contest of Hengtong Casting Co. Ltd Successfully Ends
SEND TIME:2016-11-11 9:45:00

In order to standardize staff behavior, improve work skills, employee's work efficiency and work enthusiasm, motivate staffs to catch up with the outstanding models,and form an atmosphere of compete, learn,catch in the entire company , Hengtong Casting Co. Ltd held the 3rd Exotic Flower Cup Technology Contest from Oct 21st to Nov 2nd , 2016.  There are more than 80 competitors were seleted to take part in the contest.The Praise Meeting was held on Nov 7th.

Pic1 Casting Team


Pic2 Leakage Test Team


 Pic3 Packing Team


After fierce competition, 15 outstanding staffs and 6 outstanding teams were seleted.

During Vice manager Mr Su’s speaking, he greatly praises the judge team. He says ” the 12 judeges worked really hard during this contest , they judged everyone’s performance from all aspects in order to achieve fairness and justice. They seleted the outstanding staffs who is worth of the name. The result is basically consistent with the ordinary performance. The judge team is brilliant.”

 Pic4 Vice Manager Mr Su speaking at the meeting


 Pic 5&6 Judges discussing during the contest



Technical Consultant Ms Gong highly praises our staffs for Team spirit and Professional dedicationy.  She mentions that members of 3meter baking workshop help each other to make progress together which shows that they are full of responsibility. They make their whole team honorable.

                             Pic7 checking pipe insde           Pic 8 Technical Consultant Ms Gong Speaking at the meeting



At the Awards Ceremony, Haiqing Zhou speaks on behaf of outstanding team, he laughly says”We are so happy to get the prizes, I will lead all the staffs to work harder in the future , for our company and for us to get more prizes.” Qinyu Li speaks on behalf on the outstanding staff, she trully cherishes the chance of speaking and specially prepares a speech, she says”I have worked at Hengtong for nearly 20years, I grow up together with our company, now I have a change to stand here, I just want to tell all of you , I am so proud to be a member of Hengtong”

                                Pic9 Haiqing Zhou speaking                            Pic10 Qinyu Li speaking



Hearing Qinyu Li’s speaking, Genaral Manager Mr Zhao is deeply touched, he says” I remember her, I was impressed by her at our Company Opening Ceremony by saying” We worked for others before, but now we are working for ourselves!” She treats our company like her own family, we need staffs like her. Because of you, Hengtong has a place in the market for nearly 20years. This is our 3rd Echnology Contest, we will hold this kind of contest every year, if you don’t get a prize this time, don’t worry, as long as you work hard, your talent will show itself. I hope you can learn from the outstanding staffs and teams, keep improving yourselves. I believe our company will get better and better with all your efforts.


           Pic11 Generel Manager awards banner 

Pic12 Company Leaders award outstanding teams 

 Pic13 At the meeting  

At the meeting, Mr Zhao and other leaders award prizes and banners to the relative individuals and teams, all staffs and leaders have lunch together at the canteen after the meeting.

The Technology Contest is held successfully, we achieve the target of enhancing communication ,improving technic,encouraging models and enlarging influence. The whole company is in a good atmosphere of repecting talents and technic.


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