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Yuncheng Jiangxian Economic Development Zone HengTong Casting Co. Ltd. is specialized in the production and sales of flexible centrifugal cast iron pipe. Our products are exported all over the world. The factory occupies an area of 55,000 square meters in total, of which the construction area of 14,000 square meters. The company's total assets worth over 40 million RMB, with the annual production capacity of 50,000 tons. We currently have over 80 units of major production equipment, and specialized laboratories for chemical and physical experiments.
 Yuncheng Jiangxian Economic Development Zone HengTong Casting Co. Ltd., formerly known as QuWo HengTong Casting Limited, was founded in October 1997. Under the leadership of JinYou Zhao and the great efforts of all our staff, HengTong casting has achieved great business success. In 2000, our products had gained the quality system certification of DNV (Det Norske Veritas). In September 2001, we have gained the permission to self-export products overseas, and over 95 percent of our products have been exported all over the world. Our products are well-known within China and overseas, and have been exported to America, France, Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and other European counties. Our motto is “Quality First, Customer First”.
Our company is certified by the Technology Committee of Shanxi province as a ‘Private Technology Advanced Corporation’ and its technology of casting centrifugal pipes is recognized as one of the ‘Important Projects of Technology Achievement’ by the Ministry of Construction of China. Our registered brand, ‘QiPa’, is recognized as ‘Famous Brand of Shanxi Province’ in 2002. In 2011, we gained two national invention patents, ZL200910075852.6 and ZL200910075680.2.
 The casting centrifugal pipes produced in our factory have met eight different standards, including European Standard, American Standard, Canadian Standard, French Standard, Italian Standard, British Standard and International Standard. Our products are categorized into over 100 categories. Recently, we invested heavily on several new technologies and machineries, especially the product series of European Standard EN877. With all the innovations, we have made great enhancements on our products’ quality. In the area of anticorrosion coating process, we introduced arc spray zinc and electrostatic duster, which have met the quality standards of various countries for the corrosion environments.

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